Bill Richards Musician

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Compact Disc
When I Get Over You *2018 Always And Forever *2018 OriginalCD
I Used To Think *2018 Devil's On The Run *2018
Get On Board I'm Goin Be Gone
He Is The Light Another Day Without You
How Do I Live Without You Love Kept Him on the Cross
Never Had A Chance Ode for Melody
When You Call My Name Get On Board
Storm is Coming Soon Melody in E
You Were My Judas Children Are Angels In Disguise
When You Say Goodbye Where Did Our Children Go
Yesterday's Gone Now Boy Never Be Like Mamma
You're Not Goin To Win He Is The Light
If I Was A Car... Jody's Got Your Girl..
Don't Fall For What You Can't See American Yank In Aussie Land

Mr. Richards latest cd "When I Get Over You" is dedicated to the 2 month engagement that he had in 2018. Songs that are directed towards
this failed relationship are marked in BOLD.