Veterans Creative Arts


The Veterans Creative Arts is a program where talented veterans in the creative arts are able to teach other veterans FREE. After a 12 week program the veteran is then given the tools to further their skills ( I.e. guitar, art supplies). It is the hopes that this program actually gets a physical location. Until that time Mr. Richards is taking this to the Comic Cons to further promote this program. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in order to pay for booths etc... until that time.
This program is funded by kind donations from people like yourself.
Just click the button to the right and donate what you can to further
develop this worthy cause of assisting veterans in learning arts/music.
9&10 News
Dustin Feigel - $200
Sue Wagner - $30
Cathy Albro - $30
David Crandall - $20
Charles Erickson - $300
Mr. Richards won $2,000 for his effots in the
Michigan Veterans Entrepreneur Lab
Bill Richards performing on Channel 9&10 News with his original song - "When You Call My Name (I'll Be There)"


Mr. Richards is a US Army Combat Veteran served
in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm 1990-1991

Mr. Richards was a Gold Medla winner in the
National Veterans Creative Arts - 2016

Awarded Veteran of Influence in Art/Music -2017
By Community Rebuilders

Gold Medal winner in the National Veterans Creative Arts - 2018

Bill Richards being interviewed on Channel 9 & 10 News about the "Veterans Creative Arts" program